Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Day of Freedom and Funny Photos

Today was my first official day as a happily unemployed teacher (for the next three months anyway). Monday I gave my college students their final exams, then graded them, then did the official paperwork and submissions to get their grades posted for the semester. Yesterday I met with my homeschoolers for one last time and returned all of their portfolios and final research papers. It feels very nice to not have a single paper in my house that needs to be graded. I really love the job that I do. It is a huge blessing to me that I get to do what I love. It is even more precious because I get to take a break from it and come back fresh every fall.

Since it was my first official day of freedom, I enjoyed myself! This morning I spent a happy hour shopping for my dear, dear friends, the Horners. As of this afternoon they are the happy homeowners of a lovely house right here in my neighborhood. I am so excited that they are so nearby now. In our almost thirteen years of marriage Mike and I have never had close friends within walking distance. Now we do! Our lifegroup from church pitched in to help set the Horners up with necessities in the new diggs. It was fun shopping for them:

I also spent a good hour or so just wandering around Old Time Pottery today. I was looking for a hammock for our backyard. Didn't find the hammock, but I did find some cute things for the yard. That was fun.

Yesterday the boys got ahold of my camera and, apparently, had a bit of fun with it. I always enjoy seeing the perpective shown when children are behind the lens. You might enjoy these pics by Zach and Alec:

Here's to summer!

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Good F words

Hey! Not all F words are bad. The best words in the world are family, fun, food, and fabulous! I'm challenging myself to expand my own appreciation of the fabulous F words out there. I'm starting a list of words that I'll eventually write about. Let me know if you think of another fun one.

Family ~ Father ~ Fast ~ Fanatic ~ Fanciest ~ Festive ~ Fanciful ~ Freedom ~ Friday ~ Flower ~ Flagrant ~ Fixable ~ Forceful ~ Forbidden ~ Foray ~ Foppish ~ Fledgling ~ Frappacino ... hmmm... maybe ?