Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Full Day: Fabulous Family Fun Day 2

Our first full day at Disneyworld was spent in Hollywood Studios.  We'd planned our trips to coincide with the early hours available at the parks we wanted to visit.  We were those crazy folks arriving onto the park grounds at about 6:30 each morning.  This was our first full day of play, and we probably stayed too long and did a bit too much because we were still learning the ropes.  However, it was a wonderful day.  It started WAY TOO EARLY with breakfast on the bed.  Alec could hardly keep his eyes open to eat his Hostess donuts and drink his milk.
Breakfast of champs.
 At the park, our first order of business was Star Tours and Padawan Training.  These two activities were the primary reasons why both boys wanted to visit this park.  Thanks to Fast Passes and an early park arrival, we were able to ride Star Tours a couple of times without waiting more than a couple of minutes in line.  I admit I love Star Wars almost as much as my boys, and the ride and the "training" were both awesome.  The boys used their gift cards to make their own lightsabors, so that was also very cool.

Star Tours

Making his own lightsabor.

The number one request for the day.

Alec with his handmade lightsabor.
 Padawan Training was great.  The boys were with a group of about 20 kids and they were given training on how to be jedi knights.  Everything was going well until...
Uh-oh...evil arrives.

Seriously freaky looking character.  Darth Maul has always given me the heebie jeebies.
 Alec was awesome.  He was the next-to-last kid who got to fight Darth Vador and when he went onstage he said in this awesome tough guy voice, "I'm not afraid of the Dark Side!"  It was priceless.  Sooooo wish I would have thought to record video. 
Alec battling Darth Vador.
 Zach was equally awesome.  He had some fancy footwork and the Jedi Knight training him actually had to pull him off of Darth Maul.  :-)
Zach battling Darth Maul.
 After the Star Wars morning of events we enjoyed the rest of the park.  These guys were a hit.
The family with Phineas and Ferb. 
 The Buzz Lightyear ride was a wonderful blessing. We didn't have fast passes for the ride because we'd spent so much time with the Star Wars stuff, but as we walked through the park a nice man came up to us and handed me his fast passes for the ride.  He had three of them and wasn't going to stay long enough to use them.  So the boys and I got to do Buzz Lightyear!  It was fun. We were all so blessed by the fast pass gifting that we did it later on in our visit at another park.
Outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  Loved this guy!

Starting to get a bit tired.  It was about 5 p.m. and we were waiting on our dinner reservation time of 5:30.
 We had dinner in the park at Mama Ristorante, which was really yummy, and when we finished eating it was time for the Christmas lights.  Wow is all I can really say.  They were breathtaking.
Osborne Lights.  So incredible!

This was the response from all of us.
 About twelve hours after arriving at the park (yes, I said that), we headed back to the hotel.  Before we left, I bought my two tired boys the requisite "ears."
Zach wanted Donald Duck.

Alec, naturally, chose Goofy.


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Kris said...

Oh, gosh! My boy never got the chance to do this, but wow! He would have been SO thrilled! The closest he came? Small town parade when he was seven or eight--a whole "regiment" of Star Wars performers in costume. Three of them approached my boy, talked with him, and gave him candy. He was so excited!

It looks like you gave your family an incredible experience. Good job!

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